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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Coastal Energy is a Tesla Certified Solar Roof and Energy partner. Our team has extensive experience working on designing, permitting, engineering, and installing systems through to completion and utility approval. Coastal Energy enables individuals and businesses harness the power of sunlight to generate clean and sustainable electricity. 

Mission and Vision

Empower homes and businesses to harness the power of sunlight into electricity through state of the art solar technology, contributing to a cleaner future.

We envision a future where every rooftop harnesses the power of the sun as a standard, thus driving the transition towards a sustainable world.

Building a Home?

Tesla Solar Roof can reduce or eliminate your energy bill with an integrated roof designed to withstand various weather conditions and come with a 25-year roof and production of energy warranty, ensuring long-term reliability. Our objective is to position a solar roof as the first choice for homeowners seeking aesthetics and sustainable energy.

Clean Energy

Achieved by transforming sunlight into power using solar roofs, or panels. Combined with Powerwall for energy security in new home.

We guides you through the installation process, from design to solar interconnectivity, ensuring a seamless experience.