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Solar GlassRoof Overview

Tesla Solarglass roof is a beautiful and durable roof that also generates clean energy. Tesla’s energy producing roof tiles are visually indistinguishable from non-energy producing tiles, creating an aesthetically unparalleled solar energy solution. The combination of energy producing and non-energy tiles allows a Solarglass roof to be functionally integrated and customizable to a variety of roof shapes and sizes.

Structural Requirements

Solarglass tiles are mounted on a self-adhering underlayment over bare solid or closely fitted sheathing. The net installed weight of Solarglass modules is less than 4 pounds per square foot. The primary materials of Solarglass tiles are glass, polymers, fiberglass and silicon. Non-PV glass and metallic flashings are used at transitions, edges and penetrations.

Tesla Solarglass components are tested to roofing specific standards including fire, wind and impact resistance. A complete list of certifications is available in the Solarglass Roof Datasheet.

Tesla Solarglass is installed over bare solid or closely fitting sheathing, as follows:

Adheres to all applicable local building and structural codes for sheathing materials, ratings, and thickness requirements.

Examples Of Roof Features





Heat Vent



Drain Waste Vent

Construction Timeline

Sharing your construction schedule will aid our teams in planning a smooth and timely Solarglass roof installation. Once Tesla receives all supporting documentation of your build, we will provide an amended schedule outlining when you can anticipate us to begin and finish work.

The average project duration is approximately 6-16 weeks.

The following is an estimated timeline once Design has been approved:

The average project duration is approximately 6-15 weeks.

Tesla is responsible for performing the following tasks:

Project Timeline

Project Timeline